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A more perfect world, one child at a time.

Project Perfect World Foundation (PPW) provides health care needs to children in under-served areas around the world. It was started in the early eighties, and since 1995 has funded at least 2 trips a year trips to perform maxillofacial, dental, and orthopedic surgery on children who would not otherwise be able to receive the care they need. We work with a highly skilled group of health care volunteers who donate their time and talents to serving these children.

PPW has a long-term, working relationship with Roberto Gilbert Hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Returning to Ecuador consistently has allowed PPW to develop a strong spine and general orthopedics program, and train Ecuadorian surgeons in the latest surgical techniques. We work to educate these local health care workers so that they can become empowered to provide quality and accessible services to the children in their area.

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Project Perfect World physicians and nurses make is a priority to teach surgical best practices to the local staff. 

The eventual vision of PPW is to develop close, long-term professional relationships with staff in local hospitals so that they become empowered to provide quality and accessible orthopedic services. The orthopedic staff in Ecuador is excellent, but they lack equipment, supplies, and educational material. PPW works each trip to help fill the gaps preventing this staff from providing the best care possible.

In addition, PPW works with Ecuadorian medical students. These students serve as translators and are given opportunities to get early experience working in pediatric surgery and patient care.

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Seeking volunteer health care professionals

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There is always a need for new members of the PPW team who can contribute to growth and improvement with new ideas. In order to volunteer you must be available to serve for one week in-country. You must also be willing to follow all the regulations the foundation and host hospital - as well work hard!

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